PBB listing Updated

I finally carved out the time today to go through the website and attempt to better organize the more than 1000 PBB’s hosted on stilltruth.com. There’s been so many lately in the files newsgroup (which I hope to gain permission to mirror) And the existing segregated posts were nearly impossible to track.

What I’ve done is to (as best I could) separate the disparate posts by author and then group them all alphabetically by author with a custom navigation – currently running on the left side of the page. Each author has a biographical sketch so you can determine if this is an author you’re interested in, with all of the extant PBB’s for that author available as sub-posts beneath it.

Building an index like this complete with character sketches of many if not all of the authors would have been a much larger load of work, but it was eased by Libronix and by the compilers who have done so much to bring us all these works. We have all benefited from the folks that have compiled these books (not to mention the authors of the books themselves!) I owed it to my contributors and readers to make it easier to find what’s here.

Please give me your feedback below and let me know what else I can do to make this easier for all of you who access these PBB’s.

You can link to the front page of this collection here.