iLife and iWork ’09 Coming Your Way

Apple announced on Tuesday that brand new versions of iLife and iWork are coming our way at the end of this month. Known as iLife ’09 and iWork ’09, these two new suites of software pack a nice round of enhancements. iPhoto gets new sorting and editing features with one click publishing to Flickr and Facebook. iMovie gets a host of powerful editing features, such as precision editor, picture-in-picture, and new themes. GarageBand adds some powerful new audio features and even the ability to take music lessons right within the program. iWeb gets more powerful features and integrated FTP support (finally). Keynote soups up and even allows you to control your ptesentation from your iPhone. Numbers finally gets more power, and Pages adds features such as full screen viewing. In addition, all three of the new iWork programs now publish to a new service called This new service allows users to easily publish and collaborate documents with other users.

Now you may be wondering, will iMovie ’09 run on a G4? Well, it might, but I won’t be directly researching a way to find out since I’ve finally crossed over to Intel. However, if you find a way to run iMovie ’09 on a G4 Mac, please let me know about it and I will post the information you find right here, as well as test it out on my old PowerBook. As of now, Apple is still pushing the G5/Intel requirements for iMovie ’09 just like iMovie ’08. Only time will tell.

iLife and iWork ’09 should be available soon in an Apple Store or Apple Retailer near you!

By the way, I recently purchased a new iPhone 3G. It’s been absolutely amazing! I’ve been running some Bible software apps onto it, and down the road I may have to post my list of favorite Bible software apps. My new iPhone has been a huge help to me!

That’s it for now! Take care!

Nathan Parker