And Bibleworks Too

Below is the copy of an email I received today. I’ve used Bibleworks for years along side of Logos Bible Software. In my opinion it’s worth it.

BibleWorks News

Bibleworks is ALWAYS getting better — so you can better FOCUS ON THE TEXT!

And for a limited time, your friends can get $30 off when they purchase BibleWorks and a module!

November 2, 2009

Tell-your-friends Sale

Do you have any friends who might be interested in obtaining BibleWorks? If so, could you please help us out and forward this special offer to them?

For the next ten days we’re offering a special sale for new customers. If they purchase BibleWorks 8 and at least one module through our webstore ( using the coupon code TENFRIEND, we’ll take $30 off their purchase.

If you can think of someone who might want to know about this sale, we’d appreciate it if you would pass on the news!

Free new features for BibleWorks 8 users!

Since the launch of BibleWorks 8, our development and programming team has been hard at work improving the program and adding new features. Just look at what they have done recently!

  • Significant improvements to the Early Church Fathers module
    1. The name of the author and title appear in the Resource Summary Window.
    2. Navigating the Table of Contents is significantly enhanced, including ability to browse and see a list of popular writings, commentaries and homilies.
    3. Many more Scripture references are tagged.
    4. Greek and Hebrew fonts can be configured using the Unicode Export fonts setting in the Options Window. …and more!
  • Vocabulary of the Greek New Testament module now free to BW8 users!
    The Vocabulary of the Greek New Testament module (J. H. Moulton and G. Milligan) is available as a free download for BW7 and BW8 users!
  • Assign custom names to Command Line tabs
    You can now give custom names to the Command Line tabs, making it easy to identify previous results as you continue your research.
  • Search multiple versions and set search limits in the Related Verses Tool and Phrase Matching Tool
    We added the ability to search multiple Bible versions in the Related Verses Tool and the Phrase Matching Tool – and you can set search limits for these tools.
  • Popup Copy Window and Context Tab improvements
    The Popup Copy Windows now offers more reference formats. Plus, the Context Tab can remove morphology codes from the context word lists, producing sorted lists of lemmas (in the specified contexts) rather than inflected forms.
  • New Consolidated Cross Reference Database

    We gathered the most-frequently used cross references in all existing cross-reference databases and sorted them by frequency, with frequent references placed above a "cut line" for easier viewing.

  • New Aramaic Resources
    The Introductory Lessons in Aramaic by Eric D. Reymond includes exercises, answers to the exercises, and a glossary.  Also included is a set of Aramaic Paradigms for Aramaic verbs, with a full set of sound files, produced by Jan Verbruggen.

For more details, including directions for installing these updates, click here.