BibleWorks 8 Has Arrived

It’s here! It’s finally here! Walked out to the mailbox and saw that unbelievably the only thing in there today was my upgrade to Bibleworks: Bibleworks 8! Much to the dismay of my wife I let out a whoop and ran trembling into the house announcing that I probably wouldn’t accomplish much this afternoon. It’s a good thing I’m nearly finished for Sunday or I’d be in trouble.


First class

The Tyvec mailer is gone, the box itself, wrapped in now discarded bubble wrap and ready to go.

Aside from the blue color scheme the packaging is virtually identical to Bibleworks 7.
New packaging

I happened to have the DVD version so this pic shows what I had.
DVD version of BW8

I’ll take a look at the quick start guide while the actual installation takes place.
Despite my eagerness the first thing I did was to backup my Bibleworks notes. Numbering in the thousands, these are valuable to me, representing over 150 Megabytes of annotations. I cannot afford to lose these! Once they’re safely backed up (Thanks 7zip!) and stored on my NAS I’m ready to go.

First thing I had to do was uninstall BibleWorks7. It was a bit like saying goodbye to a friend.
Uninstall Screen for Bibleworks7
So long!


After rebooting my system (why does it take so long?) I’m ready to install. Pop in the CD and I’m greeted with the invitation I’ve been waiting for.
BW8 Install screen

The install wizard begins first with a description of what I’ll be able to do here.

  1. Install BibleWorks and associated base package resources
  2. Install locked resources which I have unlock codes for.

After that comes the unlock code screen.

Once completed the next screen gets me ready to go. I always get nervous however when I’m told I need to disable my Antivirus in order to proceed. But I was a good little boy and did it anyway. Here’s the text of the screen for anyone interested.

Installation Instructions
Welcome to BibleWorks!

Before continuing with this installation program you should close all other programs. In particular, if you have a virus-checking program installed, you should disable it before proceeding. If you do not do so the installation may fail.
As the installation progresses you should be on the watch for windows hidden behind the main window. Some secondary windows may be hidden by the main window if you click on the main window while they are active.
If you are ready to begin installing, click the NEXT button below.
If you wish to exit this installation program now choose CANCEL. No changes will be made to your system.
If you need help or just want to learn more about BibleWorks click on the Help button below. This will open up the BibleWorks Online Help program. If you do not find the help that you need in the Online Help, you can reach us through the following means:
Voice: 1-757-627-7100 (9 AM – 5 PM Monday-Friday US Eastern Time)
Thanks for using BibleWorks.
The BibleWorks Programming and Support Staff
Soli Deo Gloria.

I won’t reproduce the license here but that’s what follows. It’s a fairly standard eula with no major surprises. In fact the Bibleworks staff have always permitted installing Bibleworks on your desktop and laptop provided only one copy is in use at a time. Of course I agree to the eula.

After entering my registered name and company then selecting the installation directory I’m presented with the option to either customize my installation or to do a full install.

It may be wasted space, since I’ll never use some of the foreign language Bibles in BibleWorks but I opted to do a full install.

Installation began at 2:21 pm on my system and finished at 2:32 Eleven minute is great.
You might as well have a fresh cup of coffee and open your quickstart guide since you’ll undoubtedly not accomplish much by just staring at the screen.

Post installation requested another reboot, it probably wasn’t necessary but I did it anyway.

First run

The splash screen is pretty cool, it’s definitely different from version seven. at the bottom I saw several reports that it was rebuilding this version or that version and then seemed to hang for a bit. In fact the boot screen just hung there for awhile. Finally I got frustrated and started clicking around until the splash screen disappeared and revealed that underneath had been a dialog asking about rebuilding the cross references.

I wasn’t very happy about it, and frankly I remember this sort of thing happening with the update on BW7 from time to time, dialog boxes would open underneath and make the program appear as if it had hung.
With no reason not to rebuild I clicked yes and was told that it couldn’t save the cross-reference database.

Clicking OK on that last dialog brought be to the Activation screen.

Activating over the internet took place as fast as clicking the button, nice job BibleWorks!

Registration also only took a few moments, though I was curious why it took me to a new account registration rather than asking me to log in and update my information on the BibleWorks website.

Strangely the dialog to register didn’t go away when I clicked “register online” I ended up having to select the “register later” button in order to get it to go away. Bad move there guys.
Starting up shows that I had databases to activate:

As expected activating took only a few brief moments. Once again nice job guys.
At the bottom of the activation screen is a simple exhortation to respect copyright laws and two references. (1 Peter 2:17, Ephesians 4:28).

Activation also required that Bibleworks would restart so I did so and was greeted thus:

The getting started guide, complete with movies were introduced in BibleWorks 7 they’ve been updated in version eight, and the layout of the program hasn’t changed dramatically either. There are some differences but that’s for another write-up later.

Now, however, it’s time for me to play.

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