Did you see this?

  • The Obama website labels anyone who disagrees with our dictator president a terrorist. Click to see the page

    “In a new (but not surprising) low for the Obama administration, earlier today Obama’s own “Organizing for America” website referred to town hall protesters (and presumably anyone opposing his healthcare plan) as “right wing domestic terrorists who are subverting the American Democratic process.” What makes this vicious equation even more offensive is that the page on which it appeared was promoting a 9-11 healthcare organizing event. Yep. If you don’t go along with Obamacare you’re at the level of the Al-Qaeda terrorists who took down the twin towers. I guess “democratic process” is now defined as “agreement with our glorious leader.”
    Who’s a Domestic Terrorist? | EVERY THOUGHT CAPTIVE

  • I’m sick of the hype over the swine flu. Why is Fox the only media outlet repeating the Reuter’s story?

    “So far, swine flu isn’t much more threatening than regular seasonal flu. During the few months of this new flu’s existence, hospitalizations and deaths from it seem to be lower than the average seen for seasonal flu, and the virus hasn’t dramatically mutated. That’s what health officials have observed in the Southern Hemisphere where flu season is now winding down. Even though you’re not panicking, keep in mind H1N1 may re-emerge this fall and winter so be prepared. Source: Reuters
    H1N1: 10 Things You Should Know – FOXNews.com – Slide 1 of 10

  • Did you know Wayne Grudem is posting his lectures through His systematic Theology? Apparently he has been for a long time they span from 2005 till today! How many MP3 hours is that?

    “The below lessons are audio versions of Dr. Grudem’s lessons in the Christian Essentials class that are taken from his book, Systematic Theology (Grand Rapids: Zondervan and Leicester, England: InterVarsity, 1994). These lessons may be downloaded at no charge and used in a non-commercial fashion. They may be shared with others but cannot be sold.
    Online Messages – Christian Essentials Enrichment Class of Scottsdale Bible Church