Geeks and God interview with Logos’ Bob Pritchett

Over at the The Geeks & God Podcast, they’ve done an interview with Bob Prittchet from Logos Bible Software. You can listen to the whole podcast there:

Here are just a few topic highlights

  1. Logos for Mac 5:00-45:45
  1. Mac install issues.
  2. Cost/quality? It’s worth it!
  3. Value of the topic searches
  4. Ease of reading on the computer
  5. Stuff they didn’t like:
    • Startup Sound “HATE!”
    • Feels like a web browser not a mac program
    • Not Intuitive Enough (as in no Apple+F support?)
    • GRIPE: Can’t print out more than a few lines?!?!?!
    • They think there’s no Luther books. Obviously missed the fortress pubs. (Luther’s Works on CD-ROM
  6. After all the pro’s and cons: “In the end, it’s worth buying!
  • Interview with Bob Pritchett 46:00-1:06:35
    1. Pronunciation of Logos. 🙂 [ME: A perennial fav. topic: Erasmian=LahGahs, Koine=LowGohs]
    2. How it started.. Bob’s dislike of doing dead tree based research.
    3. Bob wrote the first program for Bible search when he was 15 + he’s been at it for 22 years = 37. (holy smokes Bob, we’re the same age?)
    4. The Biggest seller: Scholars Library
    5. Why is Bible Study Important and where does Logos fit?
      BP: “We’re building a time machine” if you have 15 minutes in the morning, let’s make those 15 minutes more productive.
    6. BP: “You know you get on the internet and it sucks up all your time? Well you get into the Bible software and now you’re surfing the Bible and… ”
      RF: “And it’s ok if Bible study sucks up your time
      BP: “yeah it’s a much better place than the internet (laughter)!”
    7. What took you so long to release the Mac product? BP: “the people out front with the pitchforks and the torches… (laughter)”
    8. BP: “we’re really committed to the mac now…
    9. 1:00:45 discussion commences about Logos 4.0…
      1:01:19 Biggest change: search engine, search them all together.
      BP: “[In Logos 4.0] I can search for a word in 8000 books in under two seconds…
    10. 1:02:00 How many books do you have?
      BP: “We want all the books of a full seminary library.”
      • 1:01:48 (Just about every bible version (English?) plus 38+ Languages)
      • BP: “We don’t even feel like we should be resting until we have the equivalent of a seminary library.
      • 10,000 books “an amazing pastor’s library”
      • 20,000 books “an amazing Bible college library”
      • 30,000 books “a Great seminary library, and so that’s where we’re going…”
    11. 1:02:50 Thoughts on the “Mobile Market”?

      BP: “we’re still looking at that.. there’s so many great products… we don’t want to move into that space unless we can offer something really special and useful. We are going to make some of our web properties more mobile…but people want to get their content everywhere, and my eventual goal is that if you buy an electronic book from us, we don’t really care where you’re using it, whether it’s on your PDA or on your Iphone, or laptop.”

    12. 1:03:45 social platform/ Global Bible Reader
    13. 1:05:50 Future plans?

      BP: “We want to deliver more stuff over the web, but we want to respect those users who tell us they need to be offline too…the goal is to let you buy the content once and then (not have to re-buy it but to use it wherever you are.”

    Great interview from the Geeks! Thanks guys.