I’m running again…again

I started running with my dad when I was about 7. We ran 5k’s, 10k’s, 20k’s and my pinnacle the Columbus, OH marathon. After that I quit running for years. But I’ve never gotten over the running buzz.

I’ve started running a few times since then, even got some new shoes a few years ago, but knee problems have grounded me (read: too much too soon). So I’d quit and restart months later.

Part of my struggle with running is that I can remember 8 mile training runs. Today running 1 mile and quitting feels horrible emotionally. Though at this point run-walking 1.7 is near torture. In fact having to walk a few hundred yards just to help my knees during a 1 mile run is killing me.

But this time my return to running has to be different. I can’t escape it. Running has captured my heart and mind and body. I crave the feeling of miles fading behind me as I push off the ground, or push through a hill. Not that there are that many hills in Central Illinois mind you.

There is nothing on this earth that has ever felt as gratifying to me as finishing a ten mile training run… except telling someone I run ten miles a day and seeing the look on their face. 😉

So last week I started running again…again.

I’m back and this time I’m working more at letting go of my high expectations. I’m just running for fun. I’m taking my Blackberry (has GPS) along to take care of time and distance which simply frees me from caring how far I’ve gone until I get back home and look. I can’t believe how free that makes me feel!

I’ve got the first week under my belt and I’ve officially started week two.

It’s more than simply running because it feels good – though it does. It’s more than losing weight – though I could stand to shave twenty pounds. And it’s more than just getting into shape. It’s none of those and all of those at the same time with one major unifying factor. I only have one body, and as far as I can tell I’m supposed to take care of it, and part of taking care of the Temple of the Holy Spirit is caring for it, including exercise.

I’m no Eric Liddel but like the famed runner portrayed in Chariots of Fire, when I run… I can feel God’s pleasure.

So there it is, I’m glad to be running again… again.

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