Logos has gone Mad!

March MadnessLogos has gone mad! Well perhaps not, but they’ve got March madness and they’ve generated a new site to get the users to select our own books for discount, sort of. Here’s the copy:

“It is NCAA tourney time, and we thought we’d join in the March Madness with our own little tournament. Between now and April 6th, we’ll be hosting the first ever Logos March Madness book tournament.
The premise is simple–we’ve selected 64 titles available for Logos Bible Software and broken them up into 4 divisions. In each division titles will compete based upon your votes. The highest voted titles advance until we have a grand champion. Vote now for your favorite titles in:

  • New Testament
  • Old Testament
  • Theology
  • Popular

To make things more interesting, we’re offering discounts on ALL the books in the tournament and YOU control how much the discount is. Every round that a book advances in the tournament the discount it is eligible for increases.

  • Books not advancing out of round 1 will be offered at 25% off.
  • Books not advancing out of round 2 will be offered at 30% off.
  • Books not advancing out of the sweet sixteen will be offered at 35% off.
  • Books not advancing out of the elite eight will be offered at 40% off.
  • Books not advancing out of the final four will be offered at 45% off.
  • The second place book in the tournament will be offered at 50% off.
  • The tournament champion will be offered at 75% off.”

Logos March Madness

I’ve made my first round picks, there are some gold mines, some I already own and one in particular that I kind of hope makes it to the 75% off branch – The Complete Works of Francis A. Schaeffer (22 Titles in 5 Vols.).

Go take a look.