Missions as Fasting

Over on the Desiring God Blog, there is a great article on “Missions as Fasting”
Here’s a brief snippet:

“Fasting represents longing, urgency and opportunity:

  1. Longing
    Fasting is a response to a longing for God to be known, loved, adored, and worshiped. It’s a longing that inspires a forsaking of things present, including food. Describing fasting as a “condemning of things present” is fitting. Choosing to not eat doesn’t make much sense in a society where we have an overabundance of food. But in light of a longing for more worship and experience of God it makes complete sense.
  2. Urgency
    We each have been given just one life, and it is short and fragile. We have no idea how long the Lord will grant us. Moreover, we were bought by Christ; our lives are not our own. So we have a weighty stewardship. And the urgency of the task that we have now been called to makes the setting aside of food completely sensible. Fasting helps us think aright. It orients everything upon God himself and not ourselves.
  3. Opportunity
    It’s a response to the opportunity before us for spreading the gospel. 2.7 billion people have little or no opportunity to hear the gospel. The 10-40 Window contains 90% of the worlds poor, 95% of the least reached, and less than 10% of the world’s missionary force. If these three things call for a fasting of food, how much more does it call for the fasting of other things!”

Missions as Fasting :: Desiring God Christian Resource Library

Great stuff there but that’s not all. Quickly head over and read the full article. Don’t miss the sections on “What is missions as fasting” and the closing “what can I do”.