Money Matters for free

Enter coupon code: BIBLESTUDYMAGAZINE at checkout.
On the Logos Blog this morning I discovered they’re giving away Larry Burkett’s Classic book, “Money Matters“. They initially planned on doing this as a subscription incentive for Bible Study Magazine but then they reconsidered…

“After thinking more about the tough economic times we are in, and how much this book could be of use to so many people, we just decided to give it away for free to anyone that wants it—with no strings attached.”
We just felt we had to give it away—no strings attached. – Logos Bible Software Blog

I suggest you not only get Larry’s book for free, but at least take a look at BibleStudy Magazine and see if it’s for you.

Oh and one more thing, Enter coupon code: BIBLESTUDYMAGAZINE at checkout.

If you’d rather have a dead tree version: Buy it at