Obama Bows to Muslim Monarch

No, the headline isn’t hyperbole. As the picture shows it’s far too real. It is also completely ignored by most mass media. One source referred to it as “a DEEP, subservient bow“. Look at the picture and you can see that is an apt description.

My biggest question isn’t why did he do it, but why isn’t any large media outlet reporting on it? Oh sure there are a few small bloggers llike myself who are inscensed enough to say something, but not enough people see my blog.
I don’t know how many readers see Gary Bauer’s columns either but at least he caught it. Gary Bauer caught it. In a related article Bauer writes,

“As naïve as that is, Obama did something yesterday that no US president should ever do: he bowed to a foreign leader. Worse still, he did it to the Saudi King. At the G-20 Summit yesterday, Obama did a full bow from the waist when he met King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. This is never done! A U.S. president is never supposed to bow before foreign royalty. He didn’t bow before Queen Elizabeth yesterday. His act has many wondering whether it is another signal to the Muslim world.”
Muslims in the White House? – HUMAN EVENTS

Yet Bauer isn’t part of the mainstream media by any one’s count.
So where are the mainstream media in the USA? Dubbing it “Obama’s royal ‘grovel'” Georgina Robinson of the Sydney Morning Herald at least noted the uproar over a far lesser offense by our prior (and better) president:

“Mr Obama’s predecessor, George Bush, was criticised for holding the hand of then-crown prince Abdullah when he visited the US four years ago.”
Obama’s royal ‘grovel’ | smh.com.au

The New York Times was outraged over it. But where are they now? I’ve even emailed Fox News about it but no-one is reporting on it. Not even in a brief snippet.
Worldnetdaily noted that Obama’s bow and scrape before the king was unprecedented even among the world leaders gathered there:

“The action appeared especially awkward since among the dozens of world leaders and their spouses, handshakes abounded, but there appeared to be no other bowing in the room.”
Obama bows to Saudi king

So why am I so outraged?
Ever heard of the revolutionary war? Americans fought hard and long so we would never again bow before a human monarch. Even Miss manners notes, “[Americans do] not bow or curtsy to a foreign monarch because the gesture symbolizes recognition of [his] power over [his] subjects. One nevertheless treats her with respect.” (Miss Manners’ guide for the turn-of-the-millennium p697).

By bowing to the Saudi king President Obama has communicated our entire nation’s subservience to a Muslim despot. Even if he’s too ignorant to understand this (which I don’t believe); I can guarantee the entire watching Muslim world saw it for what it was – recognition of Saudi supremacy.
Let me put it plainly: The United States President has just committed treason!

Want to see it in full motion? Here’s the YouTube video. Watch between 0:53 and 1:00 and get a vomit bag ready.