Overwhelmed with Books

Hey Look at me on the right (I'm the one with the keyboard in his lap)
This year’s Pastor’s Conference at Moody Bible institute was fairly overwhelming, spiritually and emotionally. The whole spectrum of teaching was excellent and with only one particular exception none of them were a waste of my time.

When I went, I had no idea I was as worn out as I apparently was but the worship and prayer time of four solid days spanning 7:00AM to 9:00PM converged on my soul like a welcome respite. After a week on Spiritual R&R I’m ready to get back to work, and hopefully prepared to do so in a far more effective, Spirit led way.

My wife was laughing when I got home because I left with two bags, one for my clothes and one for my computer. I returned home with five and a box – as you may expect they contained a new threat to my already overflowing bookshelves. Among the several that I brought home there was a rather significant collection of free books. I don’t have time to read all of them this week, but I’ll post this here so you can see what’s coming up for me.

  • [amazon 0802489532 full]
  • [amazon 0932766919 full]
  • [amazon 0932766870 full]
  • [amazon 1581347308 full]
  • [amazon 1433502801 full]
  • [amazon 0801013003 full]
  • [amazon 1581349297 full]
  • [amazon 1433502755 full]
  • [amazon 0764431536 full]
  • [amazon 1433511304 full]
  • [amazon 1433501147 full]
  • [amazon 0802455255 full]
  • [amazon 0802455271 full]
  • [amazon 0974265039 full]
  • [amazon 0966378601 full]
  • [amazon 1581349092 full]
  • plus a bunch more!

Now then, how’s THAT for a reading list?