Seminary as boot camp

A few of the young men from my church have opted to go into the Military. As of this writing both of them have graduated boot camp and one of them is deployed in Iraq. I honor them both for their willingness to carry Christ into the Army – both of them are doing that. I honor them for their willingness to fight the battles which liberal “wimpies” don’t want to acknowledge even exist.

But real enemies do exist and they need fighting. The world is full of real enemies, spiritual and physical. It just happens that the physical ones are often fed their errors by the Spiritual (1 Timothy 4:1).

Some may be prone to think of Seminary as a purely academic exercise which is endured for the sole benefit of obtaining a degree so you can “get a job”. To do that would be to sorely miss the point, almost beyond recovery. Seminary isn’t a degree factory, it’s boot camp for Spiritual Soldiers.

Think of [going to seminary and studying even secular philosophers] as God preparing you to wage spiritual warfare in our time, You know Satan really works through secular ideologies and the Lord wants us to be able to deal with that… so think about how sad it is not to have an anchor in your life and in your thought and think about how wonderful it is to have that anchor in God’s word.”
Dr. John Frame, Professor of Systematic Theology Reformed Theological Seminary – Orlando.
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Ask any soldier and they’ll tell you that boot camp is grueling, especially at the outset. But there is a specific reason that boot camp is tough. It’s tough because you need to be broken and rebuilt from a civilian to a soldier. At the end of your time there you need to be able to hoist your weapon and run screaming into the battle.

“No soldier in active service entangles himself in the affairs of everyday life, so that he may please the one who enlisted him as a soldier.” (2 Ti 2:4, NASB95)

In seminary we’re not training to get a job, we’re training to fight for souls.