Timeline Tool

Jacobusdt assembled an excellent timeline building tool for Excel. Since I don’t use Excel I can’t test it but It sure does look useful.
He writes:

I have included the instruction in the first sheet of the spreadsheet. I think it should be sufficient for most people who have previously been slightly exposed to Excel.

The development was done in MS Excel 2003 as this is the software to which I have access and can not guarantee it would work on later versions. I would appreciate it if you can ask someone to test it on a later version and give feedback to me.

Note on the initial development:
I developed the software from the output of John’s program and deduced the event group function.

I saw yesterday on the Logos site some instructions for the output file and can, if there is a use for the software, add the about tag for a description in the list box for the choice of the Timeline in Libronix software. This tag would allow for a more detailed description going together with the title for the timeline file and would be shown in the window as shown below. Note the description below the title – Prophets of the Old …..

I’m excited to see what develops out of this!

Thanks Jacobusdt!