Which Greek Text?

Quite a useful post for Greek lovers or would be Greek lovers out there. Bill Mounce runs down the question, “Which Greek Text should I buy?”

“There are two things you should check first.
(1) Does my teacher (or school) have a preference? Because the text critical notes are different, and because teachers will have an opinion about the different helps that come with some Greek Bibles, you need to ask this question first.
(2) If possible, you should go to your school’s bookstore and actually look at them. The fonts can be considerably different and, for example, you may love or hate the italic Greek font.”
Which Greek Text? | Bill Mounce . com

The rest of the article runs down some of the basic differences between the NA27, the UBS4 and a few specialized texts and readers.

As an added bonus (to me) he mentions the “stealth bible” concept which I hadn’t considered before. Evidently the NA27 is available in a Black Leather Binding.

I think I want one.