Archibald Thomas Robertson

Robertson, Archibald Thomas (1863-1934)

American NT scholar. Born near Chatham, Va., he was educated at Wake Forest College and then at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, where he taught until his death. He was instructor in NT interpretation (1888–92), professor of biblical introduction (1892–95), and professor of NT interpretation (1895–1934). His numerous books include:

  • Syllabus of NT Greek Syntax
  • Bibliography of NT Greek (1903)
  • Teaching of Jesus Concerning God
    the Father
  • Key-Words in the Teaching of Jesus (1906)
  • Epochs in the Life of Paul (1909)
  • Commentary on Matthew (1910)
  • John the Loyal (1911)
  • Studies in the Epistle of James (1915)
  • The Divinity of Christ in the Gospel
    of John
  • Making Good in the Ministry (1918)
  • Studies in Mark’s Gospel (1919)
  • Harmony of the Gospels (1922)
  • The Minister and His Greek NT (1923)
  • An Introduction to the Textual Criticism
    of the NT
  • Paul and the Intellectuals (1928)
  • Word Pictures in the NT (6 vols., 1930–33)
  • A New Short Grammar of the Greek
  • Passing on the Torch and Other Sermons (1934)

He was editor and contributing editor to many biblical series, including the Hastings’ Dictionaries and “The 1911 Bible,” and was also a member of the revision committee for the American Standard Bible.

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