Bob DeWaay

Bob DeWaay is the author of Critical Issues Commentary

“What is CIC? Critical Issues Commentary grew out of Pastor Bob DeWaay’s passion to equip the saints for the work of ministry. In the late 1980’s Pastor DeWaay met regularly with a group of local pastors, often presenting position papers on timely doctrinal issues. When he found that the messages were accepted by only a few of the attendees and rarely reached the pews, he chose to speak directly to the people by initiating the bimonthly newsletter. In 1992, with the financial support and encouragement of a good brother who has since gone to be with the Lord, the first issue was produced and mailed. Critical Issues Commentary is not so much a “newsletter” as it is a series of carefully researched essays on important theological issues. Since 1992 more than 80 articles covering more than 60 specific “critical issues” have been published. Each article contains Biblical exegesis as well as interaction with famous teachers and teachings. Our prayer is that God uses this effort to help readers grow in their faith and be strong in their witness. Critical Issues Commentary was founded to help people find their way out of unbiblical teachings that confused their understanding of the faith. The Christian media was filled with false teaching in 1992 and there was a need to correct the errors that were sweeping through the church. Twelve years later things have only gotten worse. So we continue writing and making Biblical truth available to our readers through the newsletter, the radio programs, our website, the internet, and public speaking—all under the Critical Issues Commentary banner.”
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