Logos Bible Software 4

Like John, for the last few months I’ve been keeping a secret, not for me but for someone else. But I can’t stand it anymore. I have to spill it: Logos 4 is out! I’ve been among the privileged few (quite a few it seems) who have been hammering away at beta releases of Logos Bible Software’s next

As beta testers, we’ve all done our part to break it as frequently as possible so that it won’t break in your hands. The programmers, some of whom we’ve begun to recognize by name have done an outstanding Job developing a product that responds to the needs of Pastor’s, teachers, seminarians, scholars and every Christian who wants to learn more about God’s word.

In addition to simply announcing Logos4 today I’d like to also give you a combined walkthrough, an overview, and a bit of an operating manual and review along the way. I’ll be posting throughout the day. So read on my friends and enjoy the news that the next generation of Logos Bible Software is ready to find a home on your computer.

Don’t have a copy but want a discount? Send me an email and I’ll send you a coupon code just for you. Note that the coupon codes are only for new users. If you’re already registered with L3, the best you’ll get is the upgrade discount through Logos at: http://www.logos.com/upgrade

Also: remember that the engine is free. You can (soon) download and install L4 right next to your L3 installation for free and use all your existing books (minus PBB until later) without paying anything. The upgrade fees include more books than your current library levels.