1. Why doesn’t Logos see my resources?

If you are a new user, then Logos probably hasn’t been configured yet.

If you are an existing user, it is possible that your resources were moved to a new location and Logos is unaware of this change.

Either way, please check out this post on how to configure Logos for a new resource location

2. Ok, I did as shown for step #1 but I still can’t read these files. What next?

PBB books do require a key to be able to read them. This key does come with every packaged version of Logos from the Christian Home Library and up – or with the Personal Book Builder personal or standard edition.

For more information on this key, please check out what Logos has to say about it.

Also, for a couple other ideas in addition to these first two, check out this post.

3. I can’t seem to find the installer for the PBB Updater. Where is it?

Please click here.