PBB Updater Usage

When the PBB Updater is first started a catalog is downloaded from StillTruth.com and the resources that are already on your computer are catalog. These two catalogs are then compared to each other. From this comparison, the resources are placed into the program under one of five categories: Installed, New, Updated, Needs to Move, or Duplicate. From these categories you may browse to get more information on the resources, or you may choose to download New or Updated resources – or to move misplaced resources. (Note: at this time it is not yet decided how to handle duplicate resources.)

In order to download a resource, you either select the specific resource that you wish to have and click the “Download Resource(s)” button at the bottom of the utility. If you want to download more than one, just select any item in the list until you see the “Download Resource(s)” button become enabled and then click it. This way, all resources that are located underneath your selection are downloaded.

For example, you can select “New” and click “Download Resource(s)” and all of the new resources will be downloaded.

Here is a list of what the PBB Updater will do when you click “Download Resource(s).”

1. New items: a new file will be created in the proper location. If the directory does not exist, it will be created.

2. Updated items: the existing file will be overwritten in the proper location.

3. Needs to Move items: the file will be moved from its current location to its proper location.

4. Duplicate: currently unknown.

5. Installed: already installed. The “Download Resource(s)” button is not available.