Scene 1

The Stage

In the center of the stage is a stable, open on all sides, it’s support beams and roof covered with straw. A Palm tree stands to one side of the stage. The conductors box stands in front of the manger centerstage. Angels are sitting left and right of stage. The Narrator reads from behind a podium stage left (with microphone)

Narrator’s introduction

Narrator: This is the story of the first Christmas – the night Jesus Christ was born. We celebrate this to remember the hope and joy that this tiny baby brought to the world on that extraordinary night in Bethlehem almost 2000 years ago.
For Jesus’ birth did bring hope and joy to the world. Hope because the people of Israel were under Roman dominion and because mortal souls were under the dominion of sin. And joy, because, after many years of waiting, God had finally fulfilled his promise to send a man — a savior, or messiah – He would provide salvation. God sent his son Jesus Christ.

The Prophets

The prophets enter from the back and steps up on the box as several townspeople, including Mary, Joseph and the shepherds enter and sit beneath them.
Narrator: To prepare the world for his savior, God provided different men to prophesy or foretell that Jesus was coming. Our prophet on the stage symbolizes all of them.
The Prophet: Behold! A virgin shall bring forth a son and his name will mean “God is with us.”
Out of Bethlehem … one will go forth to be the king of Israel
For unto us a child will be born, unto us a son shall be given. And his name shall be called…Wonderful…the Prince of Peace…and there shall be no end to his kingdom.
Townsperson#1:The Prophet’s foretell a wonderful savior!
Townsperson#2:Yes, a baby who will lead us in God’s ways!
Townsperson#3:He will save us!
All the townspeople:Hallelujah!
Congregation: O Come, O Come, Emmanuel H#245,

after the congregation sings, the townspeople and prophets leave.