Scene 5

The Magi

Narrator: Meanwhile, in a land far to the east of Bethlehem, three wise men of great knowledge noticed an unusually bright star in the sky.
Wise man#1:That star is amazing! It’s so bright!
Wise man#2:Yes, it’s as if it’s trying to tell us something.
Wise man#3:Maybe it is! Could it be a sign that the Savior has come? The one that the prophets wrote of so long ago?
Wise man#1:Yes! That’s it!
Wise man#2:Let’s follow it!

The THREE WISE MEN exit stage right, get their gifts from the backroom and return carrying them. Then they fall to their knees beside Jesus, holding their gifts in front of themselves.
Narrator:Upon their camels, the three Wise Men, or magi, as they are now known, journeyed for several weeks, faithfully following the star shining brightly in the sky, until it stood over the little stable in Bethlehem where the holy infant lay.
Congregation: We Three Kings H# 288
(As they are mentioned by the NARRATOR, the THREE WISE MEN place their gifts in the front of Jesus’ manger, then return to a kneeling position.)
Narrator:When they saw the baby Jesus, the Three Wise Men fell on their knees in humble worship. They lay at the feet of baby Jesus the valuable treasures they had brought with which to honor Him.
The FIRST KING gave him gold. The SECOND KING gave Him sweet-smelling frankincense. And the THIRD KING gave Him perfume-like myrrh. For they knew they had at last found their Savior, God’s son, who had come to bring peace on earth on that silent and holy night.
Congregation: Silent Night H#253
Narrator: That is the true story of the very first Christmas. It is our wish that this year you have a very holy and special Christmas.