Scene 2

The director comes in and plops down on a chair looking dejected.

DIRECTOR: AARGH! Why did I agree to do this stupid play?!

{He pauses and then puts his head in his hands with a sigh and starts to pray}
God this isn’t working out the way I’d envisioned. No shepherds, no sheep… awe man and no dancing llama! Everything fell apart today… including me, I yelled at everyone. I just wanted to have a good play here. Who am I kidding, I can’t get the props built and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be no costumes. It looks like we’re back to bathrobes and towels.
Why did I even say I’d do this? What’s the point of it all anyways? Care to tell me why I should even bother finishing this play, or having another practice?

Silence and a short pause
A few moments later the narrator walks in

NARRATOR : Hey, I just really feel like I need to say something. This whole thing isn’t about putting on a “great show”. It’s about God sending his son because we needed a savior. It’s a Christmas pageant. We don’t need dancing llama’s – we just need to tell the story of Jesus.

DIRECTOR: Yeah, I know… you’re right. I’ve blown it today. I’m sorry. I got really carried away with the idea of a play and I suppose I wanted to do it big this year, but… well everything went wrong, I guess I owe everybody an apology. I just wanted a really good show, but all I did was prove that more than anything I needed a savior, and that’s why Jesus came – we all needed a savior and God sent his son. Yeah, it’s really just about Jesus isn’t it?

As they both agree, the Music Leader comes back in.

MUSIC LEADER: Hey, I’ve been thinking – instead of a big flashy production this year, maybe we should just have the congregation sing Silent night or something. Like this….

Music leader turns and leads the congregation in Silent Night.