Our director is trying to build a Christmas program, nobody is cooperating, he doesn’t have enough “actors” and everything is going wrong. When he get’s frustrated and threatens to quit, God reminds him what really matters.

This is written for a very small group. If you only have a few kids this Christmas play will work nicely. You need a minimum of seven for the speaking parts although with a little tweaking you can make this work with fewer, or even a few more.

At minimum the Director, the Music Leader and the Narrator all get a full script. These should be adults or teens who can act the part. A brief script containing the relevant lines can go to Mary, Joseph, the Angel and the Innkeeper.

It won’t be difficult for anybody because there are very few lines to actually memorize, much of this can be partially memorized and the scripts can be glanced at throughout the program since the play is about a play about Christmas.