Daily Archives: June 24, 2010

Luke – So that You May Know

We live in an age of great doubt, skepticism and cynicism. And we ourselves are prone to the same. In large measure, not much has changed. As Paul stood once in the Areopagus and proclaimed Christ to a group of men who loved nothing more than to listen to the latest ideas, so we too live in a world where everyone, including ourselves are often looking for something new to entertain us for awhile.
But this constant thirst for new entertainment or new information can leave us wanting for something that truly satisfies.
Someone who is thirsty can drink a soda or yes even a cup of coffee; both are liquids but in order to truly satisfy the body – plain water does the job much better. With our constant thirst for something new, we can deaden the pangs by turning up the volume or we can open our hearts and minds to something that truly satisfies.
Luke promises that amid a collection of competing histories of Jesus that his will satisfy our certainty and will build our faith.
Come, Journey with me through the Gospel of Luke that we might be mutually encouraged in the Faith which was once for all passed on to the saints.