Daily Archives: July 7, 2010

What is Required to Pray for The Lost?

This morning as I contemplated celebrating the freedom’s of our country, my mind drifted invariably to our men and women deployed overseas at this very moment, enduring the harsh weather and living conditions and life threatening reality of combat. I considered the many times we are (rightly) called to pray for our soldiers and to intercede with the Almighty on their behalf. We have pleaded with God for their watch-care, for their success, for their safe return to their families. We have asked for wisdom in their commanding officers from the first rank of leadership all the way up to the commander in chief – as well we should.

I contemplated moving on this week from the topic of praying for the lost, to something reflecting the holiday when it occurred to me that we are locked in a battle for the freedom of the souls of men held captive to the tyranny of their own sin and the lies of the devil. Battling for men’s souls is a topic worthy of continuing on a day devoted to celebrating freedom.

As we began previously to consider praying for the unsaved we talked about the need not only to do so but to fan into flame our desire to do so by seeking God in prayer, that He might give us a passion for souls; that He might enable us to see people has He sees them, to love people as He loves them.

As last week we touched the need for our hearts to be fanned into flame, this week I want to turn to the requirements for Praying for the lost as touching the actual prayer.