Daily Archives: September 8, 2010

Introducing Biblia.com: Logos Bible Software in a Web Browser!


Logos Bible Software is one of my personal favorite Bible study tools, and Logos 4 only made things better when they announced a full, cross-platform, synchronized experience, complete with even iPhone and iPad access. I was so blown away by Logos 4, I didn’t think things could get any better.

They just did.

Introducing Biblia.com, Logos Bible Software in a web browser! We’re not talking about a simple Bible search site such as Bible.Logos.com (although that site itself is one of the most powerful Bible search sites I’ve seen yet), we’re talking about walking up to a web browser and essentially accessing, reading, and searching your entire Logos library. All it takes is a quick sign in with your Logos.com account, and you’ll immediately start seeing your Logos books appear. My favorite Bible and commentary automatically appeared, completely cross-linked to each other, and it even remembered the last passage I was studying when I on the Logos desktop application last! It just doesn’t get any neater than this!

In addition, all of my prioritized Bibles and commentaries automatically appear in the list when switching books, along with any other Bibles and commentaries I own from Logos. Switching between them is a one-click snap. Each book has a share button that makes it a snap to share the passage with users on Facebook, Twitter, and other sites. Each book also has an info panel with detailed info on the book, again, just like the Logos on the desktop.