Daily Archives: September 13, 2010

God is (still) in Control

Tuesday, September 11, 2001 is a day that will live in our minds for as long as we walk this earth, as the day our nation was changed. As of 7:55 AM for most of us, and continuing throughout the day, our lives were touched by the hands of terrorists, men claiming not the name of political transformation but open spiritual Islamic warfare upon our nation. In a single moment thousands of American civilians, hundreds of American Soldiers, and hundreds of Civil Servants, Fireman and Police officers entered eternity before their hearts understood what their heads were telling them. And America was angry, and in many ways continues to be angry. It’s the same response we have to the war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Spiraling debt and unemployment, Oil Spills in the Gulf of Mexico and Governmental incompetence.

But it isn’t just the global issues that knock us back on our heals. It’s when the vow was broken, when the phone rang, when the job was lost, when the abuse happened, when the lie was uncovered, when the driver lost control. And there it is. The core of the matter for us in our weakness, a sudden and irrevocable loss of control.

Nobody likes to be out of control.

More than anything else this morning, I want reassure you, to teach you and to display for you THAT GOD IS IN CONTROL! (and we can trust him). God demonstrates that he is in control in many ways in the Bible, I want to show to you five of them today. The first three testify to the truth that God is in control of Believers and those who will yet become believers.