Daily Archives: December 24, 2010

Jesus Christ: No Ordinary Baby

I recall a story I heard one time of a family who was having a christening party in honor of the christening of their newborn baby. Amid all the family and friends coming over and all the eating and drinking and gift-giving and celebrating, one person finally walks up to the mother and asks her the obvious question. “Where is the baby?” In her frantic and panic and fright, the mother runs into the nursery where she finds her baby lying there, dead, smothered under all the coats and cloaks of those who came to the party. They we so wrapped up in all the festivities and celebration that they forgot the real reason why they were there to celebrate!

They forgot about the baby.

As I heard that story, I thought about just how much we in this world today are doing the exact same thing. Around this time of the year that we celebrate called Christmas, many times we get such wrapped up (no pun intended) in all the Christmas dinners and baking and family and friends over and gift-giving and last minute Christmas shopping and decorating and even church activities, not that there’s anything wrong with those things, but sometimes we get such involved in those activities that we forget about the real reason we celebrate the Christmas season. We forget about the baby!