Experiences importing Libronix 3 user data into Logos 4.0b

Currently in a 2 week Easter break from my Bible studies, so have had time to try moving over my user created data. For those who don’t know, Logos 4.0b now supports importing your Favorites, Notes, Markups (Highlights), and Prayer Lists from Libronix 3.0g. Basic directions can be found here:


Some things to be aware of before you start:

  • Make sure you have upgraded to the latest versions of both Libronix 3 and Logos 4
  • Update to the latest resources versions in both systems
  • Run and close Libronix 3 at least once after installing/updating your resources, then run Libronix again to run the update toolbar
  • If you are using Libronix 3 and Logos 4 on the same computer, but on different partitions with different OS configurations (like I am), the IMPORT command may not be able to find where Libronix is located. (SCAN did not work for me.) If you find none of your files import, you may need to copy the copy the …\My Documents\Libronix DLS directory from the Libronix 3 OS partition to the …\My Documents\Libronix DLS in the Logos 4 OS partition, then run the IMPORT ALL again

I ran the same conversion on both my MSI netbook (I wrote about in an earlier blog entry) and a dual core 64 bit notebook and both took about the same amount of time, leading me to believe this is more of a I/O based task then a CPU based one. For my tests, I have pretty much every Note/Annotation file ever publicly released for Libronix, along with my own. I also have inductive markups for all the minor prophet books, I-II Kings, I-II Chronicles, and most of Isaiah. My Prayer Lists cover the last 4 years. I only have a few Favorites.

Conversion took about 3 hours on each of the systems. I decided to DELETE and try each section separately to find the breakdown… Favorites and Prayer Lists took seconds to complete. Now for the surprise, Note only took about a half hour to import. Highlights (Markups) took almost 2.5 hours to import. I would say 99% of everything came over successfully. (Some notes didn’t make it.) I was very impressed.

Now that custom markups are supported, I plan to make Logos 4 my main study tool, going back to Libronix 3 only for PBB support until that is added. Look for more about markups in my next entry…