Moving Logos Lesson Builder to a new PC

Having been disappointed with Logos 4’s performance after I imported my Libronix 3.x Notes and Markups, I decided to buy a new Notebook. Slowly, I am reinstalling my programs and testing out Logos 4. I plan to do a seperate blog entry with on my results, but have been very satisfied so far. But onward with today’s topic…

Over the summer (while my Precepts class is on break), I will be doing a more traditional Bible Study on the book of Mark, and we needed some questions for the group. “Perfect,” I thought, “I bought Logos Lesson Builder exactly for this.” Too bad I didn’t have it installed on my new PC. Worst still, I had no idea where my CD was. No problem at all it turns out. I moved it from my 32-bit XP system to a 64-bit Windows 7 system. Here’s how…

  1. Make sure Logos Lesson Builder is closed.
  2. Copy “C:\LRSystem” and “C:\Program Files\Logos Lesson Builder” to a USB drive. You only need about 20 megs of free space if you have just the base program.
  3. Copy the directories to the equivalant locations on your new PC. If you are using 64-bit Vista/Windows 7 you need to use” C:\Program Files (x86)” instead of “C:\Program Files” for the 2nd path.
  4. Create a Shortcut to “C:\Program Files\Logos Lesson Builder\LLB.EXE” on your desktop.
  5. Now test it out. (You should not need to run this as an Administrator unless you are buying/adding new resources.)

Note that you may need to install the patch available on Morris Proctor’s site if you are copying from a system with an old OS than XP.

God Bless,