Free Logos 4 T-Shirts

Logos Bible Software is giving away free T-Shirts to Logos users. All you have to do is pay for shipping (understandable), and tell friends about the free shirts on your Facebook or Twitter page (or in this case, my favorite Bible software blog). The shirts come in blue or green (click on one of those color links to order your free shirt), and they have a big 4 on them with an exclamation mark (also looks great when running Logos on your new iPhone 4).

The key is, get one while you can, they’re going fast. I already had to settle for green since they were all out of blue in my size, so they’re one fast going item.

In addition, Logos for Mac is already in RC stage, with RC3 out now. It’s getting very stable and very close to the big day (and I’m getting more and more excited by the day). Once Logos for Mac is out, I’ll be posting my full review right here!