Logos 4 for Mac Now Shipping!

Logos Bible Software 4 for Mac shipped today! I’ve downloaded it and have been trying it out. I’ll have my full review coming soon, but I will say now it is absolutely amazing! I’ve been testing it since the early Alpha stages, and the folks at Logos did an amazing job getting Logos 4 for Mac out to customers in a good amount of time, with nearly all the features of Logos 4 for Windows, all in an app that looks and feels like my favorite Mac apps.

This is an exciting day for Mac users such as myself, as we can now fully experience the best of Logos Bible Software on the platform of our choice. This is way more exciting than even the day the original Logos Bible Software for Mac shipped, since there’s a world of difference between the two apps, and it’s remarkable.

So while you’re waiting for me to evaluate the software and write my review, go grab a copy of Logos Bible Software 4 for Mac today!

In addition, the Logos Giveaway Content winners will be announced next week. If you entered the contest, you could win an iMac, MacBook Pro, iPad, iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iTunes Gift Card, Apple Store Gift Card, or Logos Gift Card! Stay tuned to the Logos Blog to see the winners (and here if any of us win).

Also, Logos Base Collection discounts are back for a limited time. Talk with your Logos sales rep if you’re interested in making the jump to Logos 4 (if you still haven’t), or if you’re interested in taking your collection to the next level, now’s a great time to do so while the discounts are in place.