Logos 4.1 for Windows Now Released!

Fresh off the heels of releasing Logos 4 for Mac, Logos has also released Logos 4.1 for Windows. This free update which will automatically update for most users contains a slew of bug fixes, as well as better printing support, some interface tweaks, smart tags for Microsoft Office, and Sentence Diagramming is finally back (and typing in “Import Sentence Diagrams” into the Command Bar will bring in any L3 diagrams). This article explains all the new changes.

Mac users aren’t going to be left behind too long though, 4.1 will be arriving on the Mac soon, and it won’t be long before one of these days PC and Mac updates will probably come out simultaneously. Logos has been doing an amazing job on the new platform, and I’m thankful to just have it running on my Mac, even without the 4.1 goodies (remember iPad users still don’t have iOS 4 either, so it’s not uncommon for software developers to take a little longer to release updates, they’re worth the wait).

So PC users, go grab Logos 4.1 today and enjoy the new updates!