SBL Greek New Testament Free from Logos

Logos Bible Software is taking Biblical language study to the next level by releasing the SBL Greek New Testament. This brand-new copy of the Greek New Testament released by the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) is a critically-edited edition of the text, complete with its own apparatus. Edited by Michael Holmes, well known for his translation of the Apostolic Fathers, he consulted various other Greek manuscripts during the production of this edition, leading to over 540 variations with the NA/UBS text.

All the details on the SBL Greek NT are available at their website. Here’s the exciting part. The resource is available free from Logos! Simply visit here to get the free GNT and its apparatus. Mac users may experience an issue navigating the resource, but that will be fixed in the next update. In addition, the SBL GNT will be coming soon to the iPhone, iPad, and platforms.

The SBL GNT is also available in Plain Text, XML, and PDF formats with a very freely generous license (which I imagine someone will convert it into an Accordance Module soon and send it to the WORDsearch Online Library), as well as can be purchased in print from SBL. It’ll also be available at the SBL Conference in Atlanta this November.

Logos users can get more SBL GNT goodness by updating to the latest version of the Lexham English Bible (LEB, also free from Logos or included in the Logos 4 base packages). Simply run the “Update Now” command from the command line to get the free updates. Logos also mentioned on their blog “And, if you’re a Logos user, there will be even more SBLGNT-related goodness coming in the next week.”, so it’s apparent they have something else up their sleeve we don’t even know about yet, which is even more exciting!

Checkout the SBL GNT today! It’s free from Logos, and another Greek New Testament to add to your library.