The Power of Prophecy to Prove Christ

One of the books on my current reading list is [amazon 0915540428 title] by [amazon 0915540428 author] (ISBN 0915540428). I’m enjoying it immensely. Without delving into too much detail I experienced a crisis in my teen years concerning the deity of Christ and it was the multitude of fulfilled prophecies in Christ which were instrumental in my coming to grips with the truth that Jesus Christ is the Son-of-God. As such I am enjoying Meldau’s book as I wend my way into the meat of how Christ fulfills 333 specific Old Testament prophecies. It was here I came upon this quotation concluding the first chapter:

[T]he writers and preachers of the New Testament constantly pointed out that Jesus lived, suffered, died and rose again in fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy. Commenting on this fact, Dr. A. T. Pierson said, “No miracle which He wrought so unmistakably set on Jesus the seal of God as the convergence of the thousand lines of prophecy in Him, as in one burning focal point of dazzling glory. Every sacrifice presented, from the hour of Abel’s altar fire down to the last Passover lamb of the passion week, pointed as with flaming finger to Calvary’s cross. Nay, all the centuries moved as in solemn procession to lay their tributes upon Golgotha.”

Fred John Meldau, The Prophets Still Speak : Messiah in Both Testaments (Bellmawr: Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry, 1997).

Indeed, it is the scriptures which testify to Christ. Every verse, every line, every word carries forth the proclamation of the identification of the savior of the nations.

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