Searching the Logos Forums

As one of the Logos Bible Software Forum MVP‘s in the Logos Forums, I frequently have to search the forums to find a comment or response that is particularly pertinent. Unfortunately the Community Server search engine is particularly wimpy when it comes to returning the right results.
Google however provides more than a stopgap solution with site search.
By searching search terms

The problem with that approach is that while it works, it requires extra typing ( every time you want to perform a search. What I really wanted was a way to search the forums using the search box in Firefox and I found it.

Now I’ve found it.

By using Site Search Plugin Generator at 7is7 I built a search engine into Firefox that immediately searches the Logos Bible Software Forums. You can do the same with the WIKI or any number of sites.

You can install the plug-in manually by saving the attached src and png files to your C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins directory.
Install automatically by clicking here: LogosForumsSearchIcon Logos Forums search plugin

I’ve added the Logos Wiki search too:

Logoswikisearch Icon Logos Bible Wiki search plugin

In the interest of full disclosure you should note that I’ve included my Google Adsense ID in the plug in. If you do not wish to have this in there, simply proceed to the site above and create your own.