Scholar’s Library

 Scholar’s Library:  $629.95

*  Ratio of scholarly to non-scholarly works:  3
*  Ratio of research works to non-research works:  3
*  Subject range: 3
*  Contains resources not freely or more cheaply available elsewhere:  3
*  Value for money:  3

This collection is significantly higher in price than the last, but unfortunately not as good value.  It’s a combination of most of the resources of the last collection, and a lot of the ‘leadership’ and ‘pastor’ works from an earlier collection.  It includes the works of Philo ($25), but is missing Context Of Scripture and The Text of the Earliest Greek Manuscripts.

However, it also has the Enhanced Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon of the OT ($50, the last collection had the abridged edition),Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament ($50, highly valuable, lists words in English), and Analytical Lexicon of the Greek New Testament ($30, which lists Greek words in the grammatical forms in which they appear in the New Testament, not just the root words).  The New Testament Milieu($30), and New Manners and Customs of the Bible ($15), are also useful.

Is there another $200 of value here over the last collection however?  On balance I would say no.  The loss of Context Of Scripture ($300 worth), is difficult to compensate, and the additional lexical sources don’t really make up for this given that they are tools most of us wouldn’t make the most of in any case (whereas COS would be used far more frequently).