Scene 1: The Laboratory

DVQ’s laboratory consists of the puppet science lab set. DVQ and his assistant are both puppets, the Time Machine sequence will show on the overhead screen. (?) DVQ is busy working on something and laughing when his assistant “Harold” walks in.

Harold : Dr. Von-Quaken what are you doing?
DVQ: I’m making a time machine.
Harold : Really! Why?
DVQ : Because I must know the truth!
Harold: What truth? Napolean? The Grassy Knoll? Colonel Sanders Recipe?
DVQ : No, the Truth about this whole Christmas mumbo jumbo. Frankly I’m tired of hearing about it, and I figure the only way to get rid of it for good is to go back, get solid evidence – maybe a picture or a video or something – and then put it on the internet for everyone to see. Pretty soon, Merry Christmas will turn into happy holidays and eventually even that will go away and I can get my lab assistants to come to work on December 25 without whining about “family”. (said with mockery)
Harold: What about your family Doc? Don’t they get a Christmas?
DVQ:Of course they do Harold; But just like every other day of the year, I have work to do here!
Harold: I see. So tell me about your time machine then – when will it be ready.
DVQ: (Sound of an engine starting) It’s ready now! I’ve got everything I need, right here in this blender. The Flux Capacitor goes right here, and these buttons go forward or backward in time. Do you want to come along?
Harold:I wouldn’t miss this for the world Doc. But what’s that in the bag? It sure looks heavy.
DVQ :Oh, well this is just a little precaution. What if we get somewhere and need to purchase some supplies? I took my life savings and changed it in for solid gold bars. It’s the only currency that has always had value.
Harold: You’re a very wise man Doc.
DVQ: You’re right Harold. Now I’ve never tested this before but here we go!

DVQ reaches for the switch and with a whir everything goes dark and quiet.