Scene 5: The Stable

DVQ and Harold are standing beside a stable watching as Mary and Joseph are watching a baby sleep in a manger.

DVQ: Harold look! Over there by the shepherds in that field! Look at all the angels. Hey Harold, that angel looks just like you! And Hark! The Harold Angel Sings!
Harold : I know Doc, it’s amazing. Here come the shepherds now.

The shepherds approach down the main aisle coming from the back and cautiously approach Mary Joseph and the baby Jesus. All three shepherds look into the manger and then back away in awe.

Shepherd1: It’s him! It’s really him!
Shepherd2: It’s just like the angel said!
Joseph: Please, excuse me but my wife has only just given birth, but how did you know we were here? What angel appeared to you? What did he say?
Shepherd3: Just a short time ago we were settling in for the night watching over our sheep when quite suddenly out of nowhere an angel of the Lord was standing right in front of us.
Shepherd2: I don’t mind telling you it sure scared me.
Shepherd1: But the angel told us not to be afraid because today, right here in the city of David a Savior has been born for us: Christ the Lord!
Shepherd3: And he gave us a sign to know who it was, he said the baby would be wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger. And would you look at that (motioning to the baby) a baby boy wrapped in cloths and laying in a manger of all places.
Shepherd1: And all of the angels sang such a song! “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among men with whom He is pleased.” And then we came here.
Shepherd3: God has sent us a savior! Come on now, we must tell everyone and then we must get back to the sheep.
The Shepherds leave just as two wise men enter carrying two gifts.
WiseMan1: Greetings! We have found you at last!
WiseMan2: A long time ago we saw the star above suddenly appear in the sky. We have followed this star from far in the east in order to find you.
WiseMan1: And we have brought gifts to worship the child with.
Both wisemen kneel and present their gifts.
WiseMan1: I have brought Frankincense! When burned it’s aroma rises like prayer before the Throne of Almighty God.
WiseMan2: I have brought Myrhh! Another fantastic spice, the main ingredient in holy oils and truly a gift fit for a King!
DVQ: Wait! And I also have come from very far away and have brought a gift, a most precious gift for the Savior. Here I give you gold to honor the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
Turning to Harold
Harold I have seen all that I need to see, this is Jesus the Son of God, born for us to save us from our sins! I believe!

Harold:But Dr. Von Quacken, the bible says the wise men came from the East – but if you’re the one who gave the gold to Jesus, doesn’t that prove the Bible is wrong?
DVQ: Hardly! Didn’t you know I’m from East Brooklin! Now then, Back to the future!