A Christmas Timewarp

Time Travel is all about the Flux Capacitor you know. What if you could create a time machine and go back to see Jesus’ birth?
Well Dr. Von Quaken (DVQ) has done it! Not because he was excited about Christmas mind you. Actually he’s a little bit of a scrooge.
Dr. Von Quaken is a brilliantly off his rocker scientist who hates giving his laboratory assistants time off for Christmas. So he creates a time machine to prove the birth of Jesus never happened. Instead he finds out the reason (creation/fall) and the reality (birth of Christ) as he stands in with the wise men giving their gifts to Jesus.

My personal theory is that he used to work the registers in a major national retailer. That’s enough to make anyone crabby. 🙂

Come along with me on a journey back to the future as DVQ learns about Christmas.