Beta 0.1 released

As mentioned here: Sermon File Add in Schema for L4?  and here: Will OpenOffice to Libronix filter work in Japanese?. I’ve been working on an export filter for (OOo) which will save your sermon’s into the Ready-to-Compile Sermon File format.

I’m glad to report that I have finally released a beta filter.  Right now it does the following:

  • Generates Sermon Files, does not tag illustrations as such.
  • Defaults to NOT publishing the sermon file online.  (you can change this in the code quite simply if you want).
  • Uses the “title” from the properties dialog in OOo to create the internal title for the Libronix Sermon File (LBXSFL)
  • Uses a comma delimited string of keywords  from the OOo properties dialog to fill in the topics for the LBXSFL
  • It uses the Create Date of the document to generate the first date for where you preached it. 
  • It will copy over file comments from the OOo properties dialog into the notes section.
  • Properly imports headings, bold, italics, tables, ordered and unordered lists, including nested lists!
  • Imports hyperlinks!
  • Appears to work across languages (including Greek and Hebrew)

It does not:

  • Fill in the bible references, sorry – at this point the parsing and translating is far too complex for my little brain.  But if someone wants to volunteer a bit of XSLT knowledge and Logos Bible reference pointers knowledge to fix this, I’ll give you developer access!
  • While it does fill in the topics, it will not fill in the “tags” (e.g. morning service)
  • Does not (yet) import blockquotes (coming soon).


This is released under GPL so it is freely edible and transferable. 

I am hoping to do something similar with the as yet pending Sermon File addin in Logos 4.

Feel free to read about it, test it here:

Please keep bug reports and feature requests constrained to the sourceforge bug tracker linked under Support .