Daily Archives: May 14, 2011

QuickVerse Merges with WORDsearch

WORDsearch announced recently on their blog that they are in the process of acquiring the assets from the makers of QuickVerse and merging it with WORDsearch. If all goes well, the merger is set to complete this summer.

Many of you probably recall QuickVerse in the early days. It was at one time one of the leading Bible software platforms on the market, and it drew quite a following of Bible software users. I’ve used QuickVerse versions 4, 6, 7, “2005”, and “2008” over the years personally. QuickVerse was also the first to launch the STEP format for eBook compatibility used in other Bible software platforms such as WORDsearch (up through version 5, replaced with CROSS in version 7) and e-Sword.

I had a feeling this day was going to come for awhile though. Over the years, QuickVerse became part of a more commercially-oridented software company, not a true Bible software company, was using an ancient eBook standard (especially after WORDsearch moved on to CROSS), developed a Mac version with absolutely no compatibility with the PC version, and over the years had an interface identity crises (for example, the product packaging on the QuickVerse 2005 depicted a pretty clean user interface, in reality it was horrible to work with, and 2008 was just a clone of Office 2007’s ribbon, no true innovation). About their only true loyal customer I knew of recently passed away as well, so QuickVerse has been destined to be merged with another company. It’s been dead as a true software platform for years.