Monthly Archives: June 2011

Upcoming Maintenance

I’ve been logging more and more broken links and problems “underneath” the site; and I suspect that means some of you are starting to see increased page errors.

I just wanted to confirm for you all that I know the problems exist and I’m investigating right now in order to correct these problems.
At the moment I’m finding some of the significant errors stem from the way I have the forums set up. I may be doing some editing in the forums coming soon – so if something goes wrong that’s why. 🙂

If anyone wants to try to convince me to move to a different blogging platform I may be easily convinced. Feel free to hit the contact page and give me your thoughts.
I’ll post later to this email when I’ve determined what else I’ll be doing.



Beta Testing the CR-48 Google Chromium Notebook

When I first received the Chrome notebook, otherwise known as the CR-48 so named for the Chromium 48 Isotope (which I’ve since learned is a fairly unstable isotope) I was elated and still am. In fact I was so Geeked Out that I shoved my cellphone into my daughters hand and instructed her to record as I unboxed it.

I love being part of the beta for this OS. I love being in the beta for anything. 🙂 I was fortunate enough to be in the closed beta for Logos 4 and I still run the beta for each successive version. From my perspective, beta’s are great because you get to help shape emerging technology. Overall I can’t wait to see where Google Chrome OS goes in the future.

What’s wrong?

Thus far of course since Chrome is designed for and since the CR-48 is designed as an internet only computer I’ve gotten plenty of online stuff done. I’ve surfed Youtube participated in the Logos forums. I’ve googled to my heart’s content and wasted a bit of time of facebook. In short I’ve done all things that I do on the net, including typing this blog entry. But as early as two days into using the Google Chrome notebook I’ve encountered it’s fatal flaw: When you lose network connectivity, it’s little more than a nightlight.

A Prayer for Online Life

Sometimes, reading Christian forums is like reading the book of Job. Someone speaks in good faith out of their experience, and then the self-righteous, the misguided and the wrong descend like vultures to nitpick, accuse and wave their sanctimonious discoveries around as if they alone have perceived wisdom that none other in history has. Through it, God is misrepresented and the hurting soul is dragged into an argument defending himself against a pack of wolves. In the end it is the wounded brother God will defend and the accusers God will accuse.


God, please grant me the grace to respond with love to my sister or brother when he is injured, to embrace them in silence for as long as I can -and when your Spirit speaks may He speak through me that I may then share words of life with them.