Monthly Archives: November 2011

Give Thanks This ThanksGiving

Every once in a while – someone here will ask for a word of testimony or will ask, “what are you thankful for?” Invariably in those moments our minds too often lock up. Certainly I’m grateful for my family, I’m grateful for my friends, I’m grateful for the beauty of a newborn’s cry. But if I were to ask you to restrict yourself away from these things, for what would you give thanks to God this morning? In fact with Thanksgiving holiday this week – what will you stop on Thursday and give thanks for? Or what about throughout the entire week – what will you Thank God for?
There are no doubt many things in your mind or many things that will come and so I encourage you for every blessing that you can think of, be certain to give thanks to God. But would you permit me this morning to give you a few items from the Bible for which we can and for which we must give thanks? Place these on a card on your refrigerator and every time you open it this week give thanks for them.

Thank God Because God is God