Logos 4 Beta for Android

Let me start by saying I am overjoyed by the fact Logos finally is putting out a version of their software out for mobile platforms. Even still being Beta software, its great being able to have access to most of the 1000+ commercial books I own in Logos.

I tested on 4 different platforms:
o Android 2.3 Tablet (CM7 on Color Nook) (High End)
o Android 2.2 HTC EVO (High End)
o Android 2.2 Samsung Transform (Average)
o Android 2.1 Phone (CM on HTC Touch Pro) (Low End)

In general the beta worked great on the high end systems. It scaled the app to fit both the phones and tablets and rotated text properly when turned. You could read page by page comfortably. The table of contents was usable and there was limited linking of verse referances to the ASV (not user selectable at this time.) Books can be downloaded and read offline without issue. Right now this is like a slightly striped version of Kindle software, but remember this is an early beta.

The install requires about 20 Megs and a high end system to be happy. I got about 2-3 second delays on page turns on the average phone and 10-20 second delay on the low end one, but they did work. (No noticable delays on the high end systems.)

Books (other than ASV) are not linked and there are no study tools at this time. Treat the beta as a book reader for now, and look for more features in the future.

Use this link if you would like to try it out for yourself:

FYI: If you use AT&T, you might not be able to install non-Google Market apps like this beta.

God Bless,