The Passing of Steve Jobs

As the “All Things Apple” contributor here, this post should have come MUCH sooner, and I apologize for my late posting. It is well known now that Apple has lost its dear visionary, cofounder, and former CEO, Steve Jobs, last week, losing a battle to cancer. He will be truly missed by all of us loyal Apple customers who’ve enjoyed his vivid keynote presentations, his sense of design and vision, and the way he led Apple to become one of the most successful tech companies today. Apple is in excellent hands with Tim Cook and the rest of the Apple executive team no doubt, but that spark Steve Jobs brought to Apple is just missing, and who knows when, and if, that’ll ever return.

My ultimate prayer is that Steve came to know the Lord before his passing, as when it all boils down to our final breath and final beat of the heart, isn’t that the one and only thing that truly matters? My thoughts and prayers also go out to the Jobs family and the employees at Apple, as I know they are truly missing Steve and are grieved by his loss. The world has lost a true visionary, one that fully knew how to revolutionize technology by making it simple, “for the rest of us”.

Steve Jobs isn’t the only special person this world lost this week. My 9th and 11th Grade English teacher I had by way of A Beka Academy video, Mrs. Sandy Schmuck, went home with the Lord this week. She was truly a wonderful woman of God, a dear saint, one who inspired her students such as I and was such an encouragement to us. She too lost a battle with cancer, and she was courageous and fought the good fight to the end. She will be truly missed by all of us students, her family, and fellow teachers. My thoughts and prayers also go out for her family, and I know she is no longer in pain, but walking the streets of gold, with Jesus, and will one day soon be joined by all of us on that glad reunion day.

This week we’ve lost two amazing and wonderful people. One well known, one somewhat lesser known, but each near and dear to us. It makes us pause and appreciate more this precious gift the Lord has given us each day called life, and we should continue to spend each day using that special gift for Him to the fullest.