L4 PBB’s and the future of StillTruth

I’ve mentioned that Logos 4 PBB is here! Now it’s time to consider StillTruth’s role in distributing them. At the moment I don’t know what it will end up being, but I know there will be one. But I’m still a little uncertain what that role will fully entail.
Let’s start with an update posted by Bob Pritchett the CEO of Logos Bible Software:

I just want to give a quick “heads up” about the PBB distribution terms. While you’ll be able to build whatever you want with PBB, distribution will be supported via our Logos online systems. (Both from your personal page as well as from a central bookstore.)

The bookstore will make it easy to share content with others, and will offer the same cloud-based downloading, syncing, multi-computer use, etc. that Logos-created books support.

For this reason, though, Logos is going to have some content restrictions on the bookstore — we aren’t looking to create an editing tool, for example, that lets people create lower-quality and lower-price versions of public domain content we sell in high-quality editions, and then use our systems, servers, etc. to distribute them.

The policies and procedures aren’t done, and we’re still thinking through all the issues. But I want to point out early-on that the goal of PBB is to support “personal” use. This means you can do whatever you want for yourself, but if you want to use our systems to share/distribute the content, we’ll be offering support for sharing your “personal” content, not for going into competition with Logos on public domain (or licensed non-PD) content.

— Bob
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A few points come out of this update regarding Logos’ plans which we need to understand.
Stilltruth will still be needed to host PBB material for L3.
Stilltruth will still be available to host PBB source documents (docx) for copyright-free (public-domain) works, including in some cases those which Logos has a fee based version for. Logos does not intend to prevent that (based upon Bob’s quote) but they will not host that on their servers; which certainly leaves room for this site to distribute.
The potential pitfall for Stilltruth lies in Logos’ design to distribute L4 PBB’s on behalf of users; which may mean that the site becomes less central in distributing content. That’s fine. As I said before, this is a ministry to the church of Jesus Christ not a business.
I commented on some of this later in a brief reply to Shawn:

…all that remains is Stilltruth’s role. And I’m not sure what it is right now.
I really want to spend some time redesigning the site.
I really need to spend some time fixing database corruption.
I already have spent some time working with the original builders. One of my goals is to get the source files coupled up with their respective posts so that both L3 and L4 docx sources are available.
Randy (The PBB Updater author) has already contacted me during the beta to plan for such an event – I put it on the backburner because as of yet there has been little movement – partly because I’m swamped – and partly because the original compilers are swamped. And mostly because I’m not sure what and how much will be needed. Randy’s time is as valuable as mine and I don’t want to send him on a multi week programming spree for something that won’t be necessary.
Right now there are hopes and plans in place, but it won’t be instant (and it won’t be this week!) I’m in need of a lull on my side so I can devote the time needed to re-engineer the site and get it ready for this next stage. I’ve been wanting to do this for months but….
The wrench in the works is the planned distribution store for PBB’s that Logos is building. I have not been in on the in crowd with that one, so there is a large bit of reticence on my part to devote dozens or hundreds of hours on site rebuilding only to discover in the end that it was unnecessary because Logos did it better.
I know there will continue to be a use for Stilltruth’s distribution of L3 PBB’s and there will be a need for Public Domain L4 docx source files. I just don’t know how best to serve that need right now without doing needlessly repetitive work.
All I ask for is your patience. All I can offer is my assurance that as soon as I see a clear path, I’ll take it.

So there it is.