Personal Book Builder: The Inside Scoop

PBB? What’s it to me?

This is a repost of an entry I wrote for The Logos Blog.

The most anticipated tool for Logos Bible Software has been Personal Book Builder (PBB for short). Originally PBB was the tool created for Libronix (Logos version 3) so that users could create their own books. It had a few shortcomings in that it created resources that were not exactly like their Logos produced counterparts. But that model has changed. Logos Personal Books (PB) have all the functionality of any other resource produced by Logos except that it is produced by you.

What’s it for?

If you’ve ever wished there was a way to bring all of your seminary papers, Excurses studies, position papers, even your graduating Thesis on, “Middle Eastern Soil samples and their impact on the Imago Dei ” and whatever else you can imagine into Logos so that you could search it, reference it and use it along with all of the other thousands of resources Logos makes available; your answer is PBB.

How do I use it?

Using PBB is amazingly simple now.

  1. Create your masterpiece in Word or any word processor that can save in a .docx format.
  2. Save the file and remember where you saved it.
  3. In Logos click TOOLS >> Personal Books.
  4. When the Personal Books pane opens locate and click Add book.
  5. Add the information like Title, Author, copyright, a description, and set it to the type of resource, adjust the language and even add a book graphic. Then click Add fileā€¦ and navigate to your original document.
  6. Once you’ve finished click Build Book and Logos does the rest.

From this point forward your book can be located in the Library, Added to collections, searched, highlighted, and more just like every other Logos resource. Congratulations you’ve been (self)published!

Is that it?

Logos Personal Books opens up an entire vista of possibilities. PB’s can be just like Logos books with tagging, milestones and more. As I write this the finishing touches are being put on the PBB section of the Logos help file and will be available soon (if not already) to help guide you through the basics of what PBB can do. Already the Logos user community has been building the Wiki page for Personal Books. Like every other aspect of Logos Bible Software, the user forums are often the best place to search for and find answers to your questions.

But wait there’s more!

Logos Personal Book Builder is already growing and more is planned. One user has created a script to automatically create tags and hyperlinks between resources and another created a script to add page numbers! In the past Logos 3 PBB required users to find ways to share their work. My own website hosts almost a thousand Logos 3 format PBB resources contributed by the community. Now however, Logos has plans to integrate directly with the website so that your works can be made available around the globe if you want them to be.

Sweet! Where do I get it?

Logos PBB is the main component of Logos 4.3. By clicking the Help Button >>About Logos Bible Software in your copy of Logos you’ll see what version of Logos you are currently using. If it’s not at least 4.3 you can either wait for Logos to update itself or type the command update now in your command bar and let Logos Bible Software do the rest.