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Hosting a Static Website on Amazon and Azure: Part 3-Hosting on Windows Azure

In Part 1 of this three-part series, I explained that it is simple and affordable to host an entire static website out of cloud storage services such as Amazon S3 and Windows Azure Blob Storage. I also covered what I meant by a static website (no PHP scripting), and I offered a few pointers in PHP-freeing a website, especially in the areas of mobile site redirection, contact forms, and moving a self-hosted WordPress Blog to In Part 2, I showed how to get one’s feet wet with Amazon S3 and how to actually port a now-optimized website over to and host the entire website right out of Amazon S3.

In this entry, I would like to show how to basically do the same thing, this time using Windows Azure Blob Storage as the cloud hosting provider.

PBB: Complete National Geographic Article Abstracts

Do you have The Complete National Geographic installed on your computer, but wished you could integrate it with the searching power of Logos? Now you can! I’ve worked hard to compile a PBB (or whatever we’re calling it in L4) of abstracts for (nearly) every article of National Geographic ever printed. I did this using the abstracts available from (a site that lets you purchase print copies of back issues of many magazines). Unfortunately, they don’t have 100% abstracts available. Specifically, issues before 1900 were not available (NatGeo started in 1888), and some of the issues in the most recent decade have only titles of articles available and not abstracts. But even still, the list is pretty exhaustive and so I hope it will give you benefit like it does me!

(each decade of articles is in a separate .docx file, so you will need to attach them all when compiling the personal book in Logos – this can be still be done creating a single personal book, or you can create a collection with a separate volume for each decade)

PBB Updater – Next Version Thoughts?

So, it has been quite a while now since the announcement of Logos v4 and a new model for personal books. The personal book capability itself has been out for a while now too. I still haven’t seen anything for the distribution of personal books between the end user community. What I personally have not liked about the new model is there not being a way to distribute compiled books. I personally don’t want to go through all of the work of downloading DOCX files, creating a personal book, looking up book information and cover image, attaching the DOCX and then compiling – more work than I feel like doing.

So tonight I finally got the drive going to see what I can do to automate this process. If it was doable, its worth my time to automate the process (cause coding is fun). So far I have been able to determine how to create the personal book in Logos, but have not yet compiled. Compiling may or may not be possible – I need to have another couple nights to play around and see what happens. But even if I cannot automatically compile, in my mind the auto creation of the books with all the information would be close enough to start working on this project again.

My question to you all…. Is that enough for you? Would an updated PBB Updater be worth it to you if it could only get as far as having a book ready to compile and then you would manually have to compile the books yourself?

If it is enough, what did you like and what didn’t you like about the previous PBB Updater? What would the perfect PBB Updater look like to you?